Wednesday, 13 November 2013

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Caught on Camera: Christians persecuted in Syria and Egypt

Officials at the United Nations say they have video footage of "horrific violence" towards Christians in both Syria and Egypt and that the persecution of Christians in the Middle East is going largely unreported in the world media.


 The Pope expresses a sentiment of by gone era.

Catholicism garnered some positive press this week after Pope Fransis was pictured kissing a heavily disfigured man, who suffers from a condition called nerofibrelga. The picture was seen as a return to the old ways of the Church and reinforcing the Christ like values of helping the sick and needy.
Pope Francis kisses and preys with man- St Peters Square (Photo Credit: Claudio Peri)

The Guardian wrote:  Francis has renovated a damaged brand not in years, but months. He has turned the image of the papacy and by extension the Catholic church upside down in less than a year. His papacy already seems destined to be remembered as special – and yet this communicational triumph has not been achieved through carefully constructed PR techniques. It is not spin. Its methods are medieval and its magic is simple.  Source


Homophobic Muslim Cleric University tour cancelled.

Zimbabwean cleric Mufti Ismail Menk had been invited to attend six univeristies  (Oxford, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Cardiff and Glasgow) however, officials soon got wind of his homophobic beliefs including that of  "gays being worse than animals" and it was cancelled. The tour was being organised by Tayyibun  Institute for a series of talks to Muslim student societies at the universities.

Ismail Menk had been due to give talks at several Universities including Oxford

Ruth Hunt of the gay rights charity Stonewall said: “Universities should always remain mindful that they have a duty to protect all of their students and to ensure balance in university discourse.”